Estate Planning & Probate

Nicholson, Sreter & Gilgun is there for its clients in planning to address the many issues that arise upon their death and to assist clients in dealing with those issues when a loved one dies.

Estate Planning

Through proper planning, you have the ability to control many issues after you have passed, including the disposition of your assets, the guardianship of your minor children, donation of organs, and even how much in taxes your estate will have to pay. The attorneys at Nicholson, Sreter & Gilgun are sensitive to the anxiety that many clients experience when considering these issues and by carefully hearing and understanding the client’s concerns while educating the client on those issues that the client may not have considered, the attorneys at Nicholson, Sreter & Gilgun strive to create an estate plan that will provide the client with peace of mind in knowing that upon their passing their affairs will be addressed according to their wishes. While the issues to be addressed in each client’s estate plan are unique there are some issues that are more common to married clients. Linked below are informational documents for married couples and individuals that you may find helpful in identifying some of the issues you ought to consider when preparing an estate plan.

Estate Planning Considerations for Married Couples
Estate Planning Considerations for Individuals


When a loved one dies, the grief is enormous and can be overwhelming. In addition to dealing with your grief and making funeral and burial arrangements you may also be the one who needs to address your loved one’s estate. Issues that you perhaps had not given much thought suddenly need to be addressed. The attorneys at Nicholson, Sreter & Gilgun are experienced with all post mortem legal matters involving estates, including probate, trust administration, processing of life insurance and annuity claims, converting IRA accounts to Inherited IRAs, transferring title of assets, litigating will contests, and estate tax issues. Sensitive to the emotional toll a death event has on the survivor, our attorneys strive to guide you step by step through all estate related issues that need to be addressed with as little anxiety as possible.